Cracking the Olfactory Code” – an example of the NIH BRAIN Initiative U19 grant mechanism – is a consortium dedicated to understanding the brain using the mammalian olfactory system. Our team is probing the transformation of an odorant from molecule to receptor through neural activity (at multiple locations) to perception and behavior. We are using a range of experimental techniques spanning electrophysiology, imaging, optogenetics, pharamacology, psychophysics, and building both predictive and mechanistic models of brain circuitry.

More Information

  • Lead PI: Dmitry (Dima) Rinberg
  • PI: Tom Bozza
  • PI: Sandeep (Bob) Datta
  • PI: Alex Fleischmann
  • PI: Kevin Franks
  • PI: Rick Gerkin
  • PI: Alex Koulakov
  • PI: Joel Mainland

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